The Vizotic Empire

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The Vizotic Empire

Post by Admin on Wed Mar 22, 2017 12:26 pm

The Vizotic Empire

➤ A nation far away in the Vizotic universe. Masters of Sword Fighting.
We unite together and all ways together.

➤ Our motto is: "Achievements comes from within your heart. Not your mind"

➤ We are a NA Sword Fighting ONLY.



Ranks with "|" are LRs
Ranks with "||" are MRs
Ranks with "||HRIT" are High Rank In Training
Ranks with "|{}|" are HRs
Ranks with "|(*)|" are owner(s)/co-owner(s)



Can be hosted by HRs and Up.
Can also be hosted by "||HRIT ◾◾Hybrid◾◾" with permissions from "Overlord" and Up.


"||HRIT ◾◾Hybrid◾◾" can co-host with permissions from Host.

HRs can also co-host with permissions from Host.


Training Rules:

● No /e dance allowed.
● No /me allowed.
● No Admin Abuse.

◆ Punishment will vary on what type of rule you break. Don't be stupid
and make me add more rules.



"| ✳Enlist✳" can get promoted by purchasing the uniform and going to
an event. If you need funds(robux) ask an "|(*)| ☆Instander☆" and up.

Other promotions will be based on recommendations:

■ LRs need 2 recommendations to get promoted (This does not include "Stafter")

■ MRs need 4 recommendations to get promoted



HRs can ask "Overlord" and up to get permissions for raiding.



Can be decided by "Instander" and up.



◾ LRs can report a HR for rule breaking with proof.
◾ MRs can recommend a LRs to HRs and can also do what LRs can do.
◾ HRs can host trainings/event. They can recommend MRs if they are co-hosting
or hosting.
◾ Owners and Co-owners can do basically anything.



◾ Refer To HRs As "Sir" Or "Ma'am"


More Rules Will Be Added As Time Goes.



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